A space where retail and ecommerce meet the consumer

Creating an intelligent post purchase space to stretch the user experience of shopping.

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Shopping ends with delivery

We created an intelligent post-purchase space to stretch the user experience of shopping. Improve the experience of your customers by improving parcel receiving and returning.

A new interaction space

A new touchpoint taking place in a new interaction space. Matching sensory and digital experiences through a customer's mobile phone.

Better post-buy experience

Improvement leads to an increase in sales, customer loyalty, increased retention, and higher customer lifetime value (CLV). Shopping ends with a seamless post-purchase experience.

Simplified purchase returns

Simplifying leads to quicker returns and opportunities to re-sell faster.


Works as an individual space and as a stack


Meet our space


No external power needed

Space is designed to run on a single set of 4 AA batteries for at least a year by preserving power in sleep mode.


Drop & Play

Installation requires zero preparation. Immediately after that, the space is ready for activation and use.


No monthly communication cost requires no build-in communication device and causes no communication costs. It uses the connectivity of the user’s phone to transfer the required information to the back-end system.

Patented access technology

Access with just a simple phone call using our unique data-over-voice technology.

Technology spaces can also be opened with our mobile app and existing chat applications.

Whatsapp   Viber

Accesible by anybody with a phone number


Grant access

The user's phone is granted access to Space.


Grant token

User's phone obtains the right to the unique digital token.


Embed token

A digital token is embedded into sound to form a so-called Sound Key.


Deliver Sound Key

Sound Key is delivered to Space via phone's speaker to Space's microphone.


Build and expand your network of spaces

Using our spaces to control the infrastructure of last-mile logistics and deploy a network of spaces to connect retail, eCommerce, and customers with the logistics and courier providers.

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    Control the last-mile delivery experience

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    No integrations for or with the courier

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    Fast deploy and scale capacity

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    Optimize last-mile logistics operations

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    Multiple parcel delivery and pick up


Unique and efficient click&collect solution spaces combine the convenience of online shopping and the convenience of local pick-up. Introducing a unique technology and business efficiency solution for eCommerce, retailers companies.

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    Unique convenience and user experience for your customers

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    No set-up integrations needed

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    Save time, increase efficiency and grow your customer base

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    Increase customer retention and customer lifetime value

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    Affordable and fast implementation for retailers

Convenient for your customers

We strive to ensure that every delivery today is successfully delivered in the first attempt and that there are no interruptions, scheduling or contact with the delivery man.

What does the trick:

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    Frictionless delivery 24/7

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    Sharing access to anyone to pick up your parcel or use your space

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    Pay for Cash-on Delivery parcels as you pick them up

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    Pick up your parcels whenever and wherever you feel most comfortable.

Easy to operate

With an intuitive management platform, you have complete parcel traceability and access to reports that help you discover trends and hidden insights. Open API enables you effortless integration with your existing system.

The business management platform is available as a desktop solution and as a mobile application.


The Multispace has 11 to 27 compartments that can be used simultaneously. As it requires no external power supply and has no central unit, it is easy to deploy or reallocate - drop & play solution. Moreover, there are no additional communication costs for users. Due to the patented access and authorization technology, users have no additional communication costs when they use it.

Build the future with us

Lockers are like public water fountains. They do the trick, but it's much nicer to have running water at home. When that shift happens in logistics, we're ready.

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    Premium home delivery solution

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    Autonomous supply of all goods

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    Temperature controlled space

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    Freezing space

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    Artificial intelligence used to control the temperature

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    Manage spaces and temperature with a mobile app